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In less than 2 minutes

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In less than 2 minutes

Use this valuer if you are considering selling or renting your apartment in Barcelona.

It will allow you to obtain a first estimate of the value of your property, both for the sale and for the rental of your apartment.

Online valuation: the first step to sell or rent a house

Online valuation Essential data

Valoración online Barcelona

LOCATION and age of the farm

Both the neighborhood of Barcelona in which your apartment is located and the age and state of conservation of the property will be decisive


Year in which the last reform of the apartment and maintenance took place

m² and distribution

If you do not know them, do not worry, by entering the exact address of your apartment you will get the m² that are registered in the General Headquarters of the Cadastre


Everything that adds value to your apartment: height, orientation, parking, swimming pool, garden areas,...

ONLINE Valuation

What are the benefits of our online valuation?

If you are considering renting or selling your apartment it is very important that you have a first estimate of the market value of your property

We won’t charge you anything for it

Completes in less than two minutes

Cases in which we recommend
you to carry out an online assessment

Making an online assessment brings you benefits in multiple situations

Our valuer will allow you to immediately obtain the approximate price of your property in the current real estate market.

If you want an exact valuation, we offer you an API appraisal also free in less than 24 hours.

Our valuer can also offer you the approximate rent you could get if you put your apartment on the rental market.

You have accepted an inheritance or are about to do so and, among the assets of the deceased, there are one or more real estate.

With our valuer you can obtain a first estimate of the hereditary assets.

If you own one or more flats or premises use our valuer to know the current market price

Do you need a personalized valuation?

If you have already used our valuer, you will see that it yields an appraisal included in a price range.

To get an accurate valuation of the current market value of your property, contact now: we offer you a FREE API valuation in less than 24 hours.

In addition, we will solve all your doubts and we will present all the means that we are going to add so that the sale of your apartment is a success.

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