Rental management

Complete rental management services

Guaranteed collection

Complete management

Personalized service

Rental management

We offer you a personalized service,
tailor-made for the management of your rental property in Barcelona

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Secure rental

Ensure your rental income and benefit from the coverage of the best companies at the most competitive price

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Handling of incidents

Handled from start to finish by our team so you don't have to worry about anything

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Utility ownership

Immediate transfer of ownership of all contracted services in the apartment after the rental contract is signed

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Security deposit

We deposit the security deposit with INCASOL and handle its return when the rental contract ends

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Insurance procedures

Forget about endless phone calls and email chains. We handle the processing of any paperwork for you

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Inflation rate update

We notify the tenant of the applicable index and the updated rent for the rental

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Immediate resolution of any repairs that need to be carried out in the rented property

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Property inspection

When the contract ends, we conduct an inspection of the property to assess its condition upon return

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Termination of the contract

We oversee the completion of the rental contract: reading, adjustment of utilities, and change of ownership

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Profitability | Security

Your apartment, always rented.
We'll have a new tenant for your apartment before the current lease ends

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0% unpaid rate

Thanks to the pre-selection of profiles and economic analysis we perform before renting any property

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A continuously trained team dedicated to the management of your apartment rental

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What about the marketing of the rental?

We will also take care of renting your apartment so that it is never vacant.

100% profitability and security for our property owners.

Rent with confidence from start to finish

Management and administration of rental properties in Barcelona since 1995

Numerous property owners have entrusted us with the management and administration of their apartment rentals in Barcelona

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One of your most precious assets.
We take care of all the necessary procedures in the rental and management of your apartment

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0% rental payment defaults in the portfolio of rental properties managed by PUNTO HABITAT

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Personalized Attention

Availability of our entire team to address any questions or carry out any tasks related to the rental of your apartment

Contact us now and start benefiting from all the advantages of professional rental management


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